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Credit Flex Mortgages

Credit Flex mortgages are suitable for individuals whose credit history or credit score means they are not able to secure a standard mortgage, or applicants who do not wish to be assessed using automated credit scoring. This could include those who have missed payments or defaults, or have satisfied County Court Judgment (CCJs). 

Our Credit Flex mortgages are available for first time buyers and applicants looking to purchase a new home. They are also available for those looking to remortgage if they have owned the property for at least six months. 

They are not available for applicants who do not live in the property, or existing members who are looking to switch their mortgage or borrow more. This product is not suitable for applicants who have missed payments on secured lending within the last 6 months, have outstanding payday loans or have a deposit of less than 20%.

As Credit Flex mortgages consider complex credit history, they have a higher interest rate. This means they are not suitable for applicants who meet the criteria of our standard mortgage products.