Let us help you wrap up your tricky cases before the New Year

Wouldn’t it be great to end the year with an empty in-tray? Or to at least empty it of those unresolved tricky cases. Let us help you wrap them up. What better Christmas present for your clients than that?

Application to offer average timescale
22 working days
Average time to initial assessment
8 working days
Live chat response rate
4.36 seconds
Telephone BDM call pickup time
4 seconds

Let’s talk turkey

We’re all about straight talking, and the festive season – with all its distractions – is a good time to just get to the nub of things: a time to talk turkey.

Our Mortgage Referrals Committee talks turkey every day, getting to the heart of complex cases and finding ways to say ‘Yes!’

Many other lenders shy away from those quirky and irregular cases, but we gobble them up. We love the challenge of overcoming barriers to make your clients’ home ownership dreams come true. Just lay it on the line for us – what do you need?

Come on – let’s talk turkey!

Looking to manage or submit a case?

Whether you are looking to submit a new mortgage application, need an update on an existing case, or your client’s mortgage is soon to mature, we’ve got you covered.

Our Mortgage Referrals Committee meets daily to personally consider the more complex mortgage enquiries the Business Development team believes could be approved once the specific circumstances have been investigated and explained. These decisions are given to the broker on the same day of case referral.

Meet our team behind Hinckley & Rugby for Intermediaries and find the Business Development Manager (BDM) for your region. Our friendly BDMs are on hand to answer your questions.

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Start a mortgage application today

When it comes to mortgage applications, we aim to be flexible. We offer a number of submission routes to suit your individual needs.

Would you like to discuss your case with our mortgage experts?

Join us at our next Mortgage Referrals Committee drop-in clinic. These are an opportunity for brokers to discuss complex cases directly with our senior decision-makers, ask any questions you may have, or to simply see the decision-making process taking place.