Find out about the support we offer to make our services more accessible.

We are committed to providing a website that is easy to use and accessible.

Our website has been designed to follow W3C standards, with the Society aiming to be ‘AA compliant’ according to WCAG guidelines, and to comply with AAA standards where possible.

The steps taken to address accessibility are detailed below:


The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all presentation and layout so that content is well structured and easily accessible via assistive devices.


Text size can be increased or decreased by using the zoom controls in your browser.


All images used for non-aesthetic reasons use descriptive text.


Content across the site has been written and formatted to make it as accessible as possible – including using clear and easy to understand language and meaningful text for all links.

Colour contrast

Pages have been designed with colours accessible to colour-blind users.

Access keys

In order to avoid any conflict with access keys you may have set up on your device, we have not installed bespoke access keys on this site.

We are continually seeking to make improvements to the site and welcome any comments, suggestions, or feedback. If you are using adaptive technology and are having problems accessing information on the site, please contact us with details of the problem you encountered and the device you are using.