Mortgage products

Hinckley & Rugby for Intermediaries recognises that choosing the right mortgage for your client may be difficult, but we have always tried to make our products straightforward and easy to understand.

Introducing our Flex range

In a turbulent economy, we recognise the need for crystal clear criteria designed for those whose circumstances don’t fit rigid processes or scoring models. Our Flex range supports borrowers with more individual needs and circumstances.

Our Income Flex mortgages are for any clients who have the earnings, or earning potential, but need to flex their income’s muscles in order to reach the desired loan size.

Our Credit Flex mortgages are a solution for those clients who need to get their credit profile back on track.

We currently offer self-build solutions via our exclusive partner BuildLoan, the UK’s leading provider of construction finance – specialising in financial products for self-build properties, as well as renovation, conversion and rebuilds.

Tailored Term allows multiple applicants to share the cost of the mortgage over separate time frames. It is a ‘made-to-measure’ add-on which can be applied to any mortgage from our product range, at no additional cost.