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Are you perplexed by Flex?

It’s easy to get confused, especially when a lender offers as many flexible mortgage products as we do. Not that we’re going to apologise for that! With flexibility running right through the middle of us, like a stick of rock, it’s just who we are.

Anyway, here’s a helpful summary of four super-flexible mortgage products that we’ve showcased in recent weeks.

Income Flex

As you might imagine, this mortgage takes a flexible approach to income.

Income Flex is suitable for clients seeking a higher income multiple, including those with non-standard income patterns, such as the self-employed and fixed-term contractors. It features an impressive x5.5 income multiple, with no minimum income requirement.

Credit Flex

Clients with missed payments? Credit Flex is here to help.

Credit Flex is designed for people with adverse credit. This could be missed credit card payments, for example, or major bills such as rent or mortgage. All applications are manually reviewed, and we can even consider a history of CCJs, IVAs, or bankruptcy.

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor

Not catchy, admittedly. But it does what it says on the tin.

For clients who are boosting their borrowing potential by including other people on the mortgage application, our JBSP mortgage is super-flexible. We allow up to four borrowers on a joint application, and we can accept borrowers who are not family members.

Tailored Term

This is where we tailor the term to suit the individual. But you probably guessed that.

Tailored Term is a made-to-measure mortgage element. It enables different applicants to share the mortgage over different timescales. This can help where there is a significant age gap between applicants. It can be added to any mortgage product, at no additional cost.

So, there you have it. We’re basically as flexible as a gold medal gymnast.

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