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H&R shortlisted for ‘Best Green Lender’ award

The Society has been announced as a finalist at the prestigious Financial Reporter Brokers’ Choice Awards, in the ‘Best Green Lender’ category – vote for us here!

Reacting to the news, Laura Sneddon, Head of Mortgage Sales, said:

“I’m thrilled because we genuinely feel that Hinckley & Rugby is a leading light on the ‘green’ stage, and that we’re making a significant impact. We’re at the forefront of promoting and supporting the UK’s green agenda, adopting a pioneering role in the intermediary sector with innovative green products and solutions. Our wide-ranging initiatives support the sector at all levels, and our commitment to further improve products and services, and raise awareness of their benefits, is absolute.”

Environmental concerns are at the very heart of Hinckley & Rugby’s lending strategy and community ethos. In 2023, the Society was featured in a TV documentary series – Finance Frontiers – which was produced to highlight environmental innovations in the financial sector. Full details of our involvement can be found here.

Also in 2023, we launched a partnership with green retrofit specialist Retrogreen (a licensed TrustMark Scheme Provider), creating a service that was the first of its kind to market.

Our unique partnership supports both residential and investment property owners in improving their property’s energy efficiency and raising their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. We overcome the barrier of affordability by covering the full cost of green retrofitting through a lower-rate green mortgage.

By embracing green retrofitting, existing customers can not only benefit from energy savings in the short-term, but also futureproof their property for themselves or for their children. New customers are enabled to incorporate energy-saving infrastructure when purchasing an older property. Buy-to-let customers, keenly aware of the positive differences that green retrofitting can make to the value and desirability of their properties, are equally supported. And all with a groundbreaking level of guidance and assistance.

A key part of the partnership is the unique customer experience. At every step – from start to finish and beyond – the customer is assisted and supported with expert guidance, ensuring that their home energy goals are fully realised. This ‘with you all the way’ approach is what sets the service apart. Full details of our partnership with Retrogreen can be found here.

Green retrofitting is key to the energy efficiency of our homes, and is an essential element of the UK’s commitments on climate change. All at Hinckley & Rugby are proud that the part we’re playing in driving the green revolution through 2024 and beyond has led to us being shortlisted for the ‘Best Green Lender’ award at FRA24.

The Financial Reporter Brokers’ Choice Awards will be held 5 June 2024 at Alexandra Palace, London. Voting closes 3 May.

Brokers can vote for us here.