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MCI Club add Hinckley & Rugby Building Society to its growing panel

MCI mortgage club has added Hinckley & Rugby to its growing panel of lenders.

The mortgage club recognises the growing demand within the building society/specialist sector and continues to partner with innovative providers to maximise the number of solutions to accommodate all types of customer circumstances.

At Hinckley & Rugby, we have a novel approach to underwriting with manual underwriting, no credit scoring and offering all brokers the option to use our Mortgage Referrals Committee so we can consider individual cases. The Mortgage Referrals Committee reviews complex cases with the Society’s most senior decision makers, often providing a same-day outcome.

We offer residential, BTL, self-build and later-life lending products. Alongside these products, members will benefit from joint borrower sole proprietor, split terms and maximum age of 85, with earned income being taken to age 75.

Mortgages available within the buy-to-let range include:

  • Top slicing
  • Portfolio landlords
  • Buy-to-let capital raising
  • First-time buyer
  • First-time landlord
  • Non-owner occupier

Melanie Spencer, Head of the MCI mortgage club, said:

“With a growing demand in the need for products from building societies, we are pleased that Hinckley & Rugby is joining our panel of lenders. I was particularly impressed with the Mortgage Referrals Committee that meet on a daily basis that can assess individual cases, and the broad range of products that our members will have access to.”

Emily Smith, National Account Manager at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, said:

“We are looking forward to working with MCI Club, and offering its members greater flexibility when it comes to underwriting, including our daily, high-level Mortgage Referrals Committee. We have remained a consistent lender throughout these uncertain times and our niche lending products are a popular choice for brokers whose clients need individual consideration of circumstances. We hope our approach brings extra support to the MCI Club members.”