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New fixed rate Flex products

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What are the new products?

We have two new Income Flex products:

  • Income Flex fixed until 11 August 2028 with up to 80% LTV at a 5.76% interest rate.
  • Income Flex fixed until 11 August 2028 with up to 90% LTV at a 5.92% interest rate.

We also have a new Credit Flex product:

  • Credit Flex 2-year fixed with up to 80% LTV at a 6.41% interest rate.

What is Income Flex?

Income Flex mortgages are available to clients with multiple and complex income streams. Standard lending criteria often requires multiple years’ worth of evidence and restricts the income types your clients can use. With our Income Flex products, we have reduced the evidence necessary to apply and increased the sources of income accepted.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

Our standard income multiple is 4.49, but on our Income Flex mortgages we can offer up to 5.5. This is just one of many specialist features that increases your clients’ borrowing potential. Another being our high LTV limits; our two new Income Flex products are available up to 80% and 90% LTV.

What is Credit Flex?

Our Credit Flex products are available to those with imperfect credit histories, such as clients who have experienced difficulties in making payments on time due to genuine mistakes and unexpected life events.

Our new Credit Flex product is fixed for the first two years at 6.41%, so your clients can plan ahead without worrying about unexpected rising mortgage costs. Even with imperfect credit history, we could offer your clients a maximum of £500,000.

Will my clients be accepted?

Whether your clients are self-employed, working two jobs, made a late utility payment last month, or defaulted 3 years ago, our flexible and easy-to-understand criteria shows you what we will accept before you send us an application.

Take a look at our Income Flex and our Credit Flex criteria.

Even if the case doesn’t quite fit our criteria, you can send it over to be reviewed by our Mortgage Referrals Committee (MRC). Sarah Johnson (Director of Lending) and Colin Fyfe (CEO) can then take a look at the circumstances during their daily MRC meeting and often getting back to you that same day.

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