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Talk to us – we’re all ears!

Most lenders are quick to tell you what they can’t do. Hinckley & Rugby listens to what you need, and tells you what we can do.

As Laura Sneddon, Hinckley & Rugby’s Head of Mortgage Sales, put it:

“Most lenders want your case to fit one of their mortgages. We’re different because we’re flexible. We listen to you, and do everything we can to make one of our mortgages fit your case.

“We’ll listen to your affordability needs, and find a way to meet them. We have a range of tools at our disposal, including a x5.5 income multiple with no minimum income requirement and tailored products for multiple borrowers.

“We’ll listen to your complex income needs, and we’ll do everything we can to find a solution. Flexible mortgages are our specialty – it’s what we do.

“We’ll listen to your adverse credit issues, and find a way to overcome them if we can. As a manual underwriter, we have the flexibility and the will to get to ‘Yes!’.

“And we’re really nice people to do business with. From our brilliant BDMs to our open-minded Mortgage Referrals Committee, we’re all about listening, straight talking, and getting things done.

“Just tell us what you need – we’re all ears!”