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The benefits of our live drop-in clinics for brokers

You may have heard about our daily Mortgage Referrals Committee (MRC), but did you know we now offer monthly drop-in clinics? These monthly events are an online version of our daily Mortgage Referrals Committee meetings, where referred cases are discussed by our panel of mortgage experts.  

If you haven’t experienced one already, here are five reasons you should get involved:

  • Speak directly to our senior decision-makers, including our Chief Executive – Our live drop-in clinics are an opportunity to speak to the Society’s decision-makers. This means you can discuss your cases directly with our mortgage experts, explain your client’s individual circumstances with our manual underwriters, and clarify any potential quirks with the case. Providing that all the details shared during the clinic are correct, any decisions made by the panel are final – meaning you can get back to your client right away with an answer!  
  • Same day decision on cases – Many of the brokers who have discussed a case with our mortgage experts during a drop-in clinic received a decision on the day their case was raised, meaning they were able to go back to their client with an answer. By speaking directly with our panel, they’ll be no waiting time to get an answer as you’ll be speaking directly to those who make the final decisions on cases, removing any uncertainty surrounding the case and saving you and your client some time.  
  • Provide feedback – We’re always willing to listen to feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on the service or products we offer. Share your views, tell us about your experience or let us know when we’ve done something right! Feedback received during one of our recent MRC live events included a broker who wanted to thank two specific members of our BDM team who had helped him with a difficult case and was delighted to have had the application approved when he had struggled to place it elsewhere.  
  • Have your queries answered – Do you have a question for our team? Maybe there’s something you’d like us to clarify? You’re welcome to join the session and put your questions to our mortgage experts. Whether it is regarding specific products, lending policy, criteria, document requirements or questions relating to a case – you’ll get an answer directly from our team. If we can’t answer your question on the day, we promise we’ll get back to you after the meeting. 
  • See the decision-making process in action – Ever wondered how our mortgage experts reach a decision when using manual underwriting on a case? Our drop-in clinics are a great opportunity to see how cases are assessed and a decision reached. Watch our decision-making process in real time and see how our Six Pillars of Lending are put into practice when discussing details of applications.  

To find out more about our MRC live drop-in clinics including dates for our upcoming events, visit the Mortgage Referrals Committee drop-in clinic page on our website.