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The right place at the right time for our new Head of Mortgage Sales

Laura Sneddon is the latest mortgage specialist to add considerable experience to the business development team at Hinckley & Rugby. She joins the Society with more than 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, including major roles within the specialist Intermediary sector.

Laura joins us at a pivotal moment for the mortgage industry. The current financial situation has shown that a ‘one size fits all’ standard range of mortgage products no longer meets the needs of most borrowers. Hinckley & Rugby understands – and embraces – this new reality. That’s why the Society’s area of focus and expertise is in specialist, flexible mortgages.

“I knew from my first conversation with Hinckley & Rugby that it’s exactly the right job for me”, Laura commented.

“I feel I’m in the right place, at the right time, to develop specific broker relationships to meet the needs of today’s untypical borrowers. Those brokers, the Society, and I personally, share precisely the same values and goals”.

One of Laura’s main goals is to seek out new opportunities and to engage with new Intermediary partners, in markets where the Society is not so well-known.

Expanding on this, Laura said:

“I’m in a position to influence product development and decision-making for the direct benefit of brokers and their clients. And I have an amazing team of enthusiastic professionals who are committed to the same journey. We are actively looking at specific demographics, to pinpoint where the Society’s flexible approach can deliver positive outcomes for deserving clients whom many lenders discriminate against”.

An example of this is our Income Flex mortgages. Unlike most lenders, who reserve their enhanced income multiples for high earners, our Income Flex products have no minimum income requirement. And our high x5.5 income multiple considers income that’s derived from multiple sources.

With a nod to Income Flex, Laura said:

“This is why I love my new role: the Society continually demonstrates its commitment to helping all borrowers who need to maximise their borrowing potential, and that’s so important in today’s financial climate”.

It is clear that Hinckley & Rugby’s enthusiasm and desire to help the customer – both broker and borrower – has a new champion in Laura Sneddon.

Laura shares her thoughts and aspirations for her new role with the Society below – click the video below to watch.