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Flex Together - enhanced JBSP

Flex Together is our Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage but better!

It allows up to four borrowers on a mortgage application to help boost affordability, and that includes family members AND FRIENDS!

We calculate affordability based on an income multiple of x4.49 for the two highest earners and x1 for any additional applicants*, all parties share responsibility for the mortgage, but only the main purchaser is on the property deeds.

For joint applicants who are close family members (parents, spouse or siblings), the maximum LTV (Loan to Value) is 95%, for other joint applicants it is 80%.

But what makes Flex Together even more special is our Tailored Term tool. This enables different applicants to share the mortgage over different timescales, removing the term limitations faced when joint applicants have a significant age gap.

This product proves very popular with first time buyers but can also act as a helpful aid for those taking their next steps into their dream home.

*For consideration of higher income multiples for additional applicants please refer to one of our team who will be happy to help.

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