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New 2 Year Fixed Income Flex products

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What are the new products?

We have two new Income Flex products:

  • Income Flex – 5.30% 2 Year Fixed – 80% LTV – (IFRF7)
  • Income Flex – 5.50% 2 Year Fixed – 90% LTV – (IFRF8)

We have also withdrawn the following products on 25 May 2023 at 5pm:

  • Income Flex – 5.76% Fixed Until 11 Aug 2028 – 80% LTV – (IFRF5)
  • Income Flex – 5.92% Fixed Until 11 Aug 2028 – 90% LTV – (IFRF6)

What is Income Flex?

Income Flex mortgages are available to clients with multiple and complex income streams. Click here to view our clear criteria.

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