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Spring refresh of our product range

We are pleased to announce we’ve carried out a BIG spring refresh of our product range to ensure products are meeting your clients’ needs.


  • We’ve introduced a 95% LTV product to our Income Flex range, making it easier for clients struggling to meet affordability.
  • We’ve introduced a new fixed rate Flex Together product (our enhanced JBSP mortgage).
  • We’ve reduced interest rates across our Income Flex, Credit Flex and Buy to Let products.
  • We’ve withdrawn a 2 Year Discount Flex Together product

Explore all the product updates below and if you have any questions, please get in touch with our team.

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What are the new products?

Great news! We’ve introduced a 95% LTV Income Flex product to support borrowers with non-standard income who have smaller deposits or who are struggling with affordability.

We’re now offering a fixed rate product in our Flex Together range, our enhanced JBSP mortgage, allowing up to four borrowers on a mortgage application (including family members and friends). Learn more.

We’ve launched a new discount product providing more options for your clients in search of competitive rates at lower LTVs.

Existing product updates

Standard mortgages rate updates

Our Standard mortgages are available for those who do not have unusual or complex circumstances. This includes older applicants who meet our later life criteria, first time buyers and applicants looking to purchase a new home. They are also available for those looking to remortgage if they have owned the property for at least six months. Explore our criteria.

Product nameLTVOld interest rateOld Product codeNew Product nameNew interest rateNew product code
2 Year Discount- (HVR – 2.25%)90%5.79%HVD12 Year Discount- (HVR – 2.05%)5.99%HVD11
2 Year Fixed95%6.99%HVF12 Year Fixed6.29%HVF3

Income Flex rate reductions

Our Income Flex mortgages are specifically designed for applicants who have non-standard or irregular income arrangements and are unlikely to be able to meet standard affordability criteria to secure the mortgage they require. This could include individuals seeking higher income multiples, consideration of irregular income patterns, multiple income streams, 100% commission, CIS contractors, or consideration of the profits of their business. Explore Income Flex criteria.

Product nameLTVOld interest rateOld Product codeNew Product nameNew interest rateNew product code
Income Flex – 2 Year Discount- (HVR – 1.95%)80%6.09%IFHD1Income Flex – 2 Year Discount – (HVR – 2.05%)5.99%IFHD3
Income Flex – 2 Year Discount- (HVR – 1.75%)90%6.29%IFHD2Income Flex – 2 Year Discount – (HVR – 1.85%)6.19%IFHD4
Income Flex – 2 Year Fixed80%6.95%IFHF3Income Flex – 2Year Fixed6.25%IFHF6
Income Flex – 2 Year Fixed90%7.15%IFHF4Income Flex – 2 Year Fixed6.45%IFHF7
Income Flex -Fixed to 28/02/2980%6.19%IFHF5Income Flex – Fixed to 31/07/296.09%IFHF8

Credit Flex rate reductions

Credit Flex mortgages are suitable for individuals whose credit history or credit score means they are not able to secure a standard mortgage, or applicants who do not wish to be assessed using automated credit scoring. This could include those who have missed payments or defaults, or have satisfied County Court Judgment (CCJs). Explore Credit Flex criteria.

Product nameLTVOld interest rateOld Product codeNew Product nameNew interest rateNew product code
Credit Flex – 2 Year Fixed80%7.19%CFHF1Credit Flex – 2 Year Fixed6.45%CFHF3

Buy to Let Ltd Company rate reductions

Ltd Company Buy to Let mortgage products are designed to support existing, and would-be landlords, who are looking to maximise their borrowing potential. It will also benefit those who wish to grow their portfolios through the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle, which will be dedicated to managing their portfolios. Explore Buy to Let criteria.

Product nameLTVOld interest rateOld Product codeNew Product nameNew interest rateNew product code
Ltd Company – Fixed to 31/05/2980%5.95%LCF19Ltd Company – Fixed to 31/07/295.54%LCF21
Ltd Company – Fixed to 31/05/2980%5.31%LCF18Ltd Company – Fixed to 31/07/295.10%LCF22

Product withdrawn

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